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Ayurveda is the science of life, it's the sister science of yoga. Ayurveda is from the Vedas, the old scriptures. There's different Vedas, and the Ayu is life. It's the science about life, or the science about longevity. 

Ayurveda Health with Arati Lane



Summer is the time we are outgoing. It's about action. It's about the sun being very high, very close to us, so we feel that and we want to play with it and be outdoors, and are very active. 

You feel that, you feel the need to have lots of gatherings and parties and sharing and playful times. Very active. 



Then there is the season between summer and winter. That's the in between season, that's where you want to bridge the two. So we're not ready for the winter yet, but we're getting there. 


Then winter, we can agree about that, it's not very active. It's about home, you go home, and it's more restorative. It's being away from too much exposure, the fact that there's less light. 

So the sunlight gives us a lot of energy. The sun draws us certain ways. When there's less sun, it gives us a different kind of energy, and we all know that. This is Ayurveda.


How does Ayurveda help with getting ready for the winter? 

You adjust. You take the Autumn season for an adjustment, and you want to eat light. 

Right now it's a very special time. There is an Equinox that has passed already, and then we have the sliver of a moon right now in the night skies. We see it, it is a New Moon, and now it's getting bigger. So right now the energy is very supportive to start something new.


Very popular is, for a lot of people, the concept of cleanse. There's all those ideas out there. Some of them fantastic ideas, supportive and will do a good job. 

Some of it may actually harm and deplete you. I want to introduce this, because I can’t see your body in front of me right now. I don't know your constitution, your needs, where you could have some depletion and how can (a specific cleanse) that support you. 

But these are very general guidelines, that will work for everyone, the petite and small, the very muscular, or the larger boned, steady, sturdy, more of an earth type. 

This works for everyone. You eat lighter, and one way to do this is to cut out all the grains. And that's hard, because grains are in bread, and in oatmeal and all these things, cereal.

I know right now, you're thinking, "Oh my God. How am I going to do that?" It's hard, and this is one way to get yourself ready for the winter, knowing that we were playful, and now we're going inwards. 

This time in between seasons, you want to have a different conversation with yourself. In the summer, you stay up too late or you shout too loud or you jump too high, those kinds of things. You come back from all that external energy, from putting out, and you need to change your self-talk.

The sun also makes us perhaps digest, our metabolism goes faster. Now this is all changing, so we need to change the way I allow myself to do certain things.


For example.

"I'm going to practice not eating grains for nine days." 

Why nine days?

It's a concept from India, where you traditionally worshiped the goddess. I wanted to bring this idea in. I'm doing this myself. Let me share, what I do is I want to worship the goddess within, my inner temples, and that's what I'm doing. I'm cleaning out something. It doesn't have to be that for you, but it's worth a try.



Ayurveda Topics

Miracle ingredient, recipe ideas and a perfect transition for seasons, coming from summer going into winter, and in the middle we have autumn.

So for this transformational time, I have some fabulous tips about keeping you in good shape emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Right now is all about the change of the season. We're leaving summer, and we're going into fall. Your body, your mind gets ready for the winter, no matter if we are not facing hard European or Canadian winters as in milder climates such as California. 

This is how we are geared. This is what our body will do no matter what, if you live in California or not, it's something to get ready for winter, it's metabolic changes, and we want to boost our system. 

(food) Tips for the new autumn season, & transitioning into winter

Leaving out all those big starches. 

Eat a lot of leafy greens. What is that? Spinach, kale, chard, anything you can find green. 

Make it organic. 

Make a big soup. 


The season of soup has started. It's digested (easy to assimilate) already a little bit. Garlic and onion is good, if you like. If you don't, you don't put it in there. 


Make it warm. 

Put ginger in it. 

Put turmeric in it. 

Put cumin in it, 

...and eat that often. 


It's not a diet, it's something ... just try to eat that for lunch, for dinner. 

Have some fruit for breakfast, and if one day you can't do it, that's fine too. It's all good. 

That is how to honor the goddess within, the goddess in form of digestive fire, the goddess in form of I'm taking some time for saying goodbye to the summer, getting ready for the winter.

I'm finding my balance, give it some time. It's really beautiful. It's that conversation with myself I've been looking to improve, 

Because the (Summer) conversations you may have been having are, "Oh, I can handle ice-cream. Yes, why not? We sit here together, and eating ice cream has beauty in it, and there's nourishment in it. 

But then as we move into this other season, it's the opposite. I would instead say, "No, thanks. I'm not going to have this ice cream.” Because the body works very different as we move into winter. 

And I have to also tell my mind, "Well, what I am going to share with you is maybe a nice cup of tea." 

You see where this is going? But what does that all mean? You need to internalize it, because we are nature. We're a reflection of it all, and in Ayurveda you want to understand and internalize seasons. 

So you can look at Ayurveda recipes, maybe we share a link with you and reveal a little bit more, especially if you really like to cook with exact amounts of spices. 

It's self-empowerment, that part where you talk to yourself, worship that inner goddess, worship that fire.

Powerful Ingredient "Ghee"

Here's one really powerful ingredient I want to point out for the transition period between seasons. Using Ghee is a powerful way that Ayurveda helps us through these times of transition.

What a word, ghee. It's spelled G-H-E-E and it's a clarified butter, and you want to use 100% grass-fed clarified butter, organic. Go organic. I'm sure you'll find that where you shop these days, and that nourishes us deeply. 

Our body has its own way to heal itself, and adding Ghee is what kickstarts it. 

If you already take supplements, if you already have a routine of herbs, just add ghee. Cook with ghee. You can take your supplements with a spoonful of ghee. The only exception would be for people with very high cholesterol. Well, that has to be something else, but everybody else, go for it. 

It's amazing for children also, for fragile health, for the season where colds may come.

This little bit of what I'm sharing here, this can actually prevent you from getting the flu over the wintertime, you know how flu really takes a lot of energy out of our bodies. 

So good luck with all of this. So this was one way to introduce the idea of Ayurveda and how to move from the summer to the winter, enjoying this beautiful autumn transition season.


Thanks for listening. My name is Arati. Namaste.

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