“The key is to raise our frequency to the highest vibration in the moment. Thoughts, feelings and emotions that are a vibrational match to lower-frequencies create unwanted patterns in the body. We feel correct vibrational resonance as on (vitality and well being) and disruptive vibrational patterns as off (lack of energy). ”

~ Healing Touch Vinyasa Manual, LOA & Yoga


Enlighten up with Selfcare

IT FEELS GOOD to be in the flow and feeling the sweet spot of life. This is  the place where timing, clarity, and action become in sync with our deepest desires.


Who does not want that? - Alignment with body, mind and spirit.


This is a magical place that is not so magical once you connect. When we are selfish enough to care about the way we feel, the whole world becomes our oyster.

Best of all, that zen of an inner landscape becomes infectious for others too. In this place of pure presence, we are the light, shining brightly, enlightening all.  A bit "corny" I know. Being sparkly on the inside can be that way.

A self-care practice is essential to brighten your inner light. As this spiritual light expands, you are then in fact "enlightened".

I know my "self care" time is bigger than me, it's for me but really for everyone. My physical body has "bio-photons" (see image) streaming outward; as I grow this spiritual-light the term enlightenment becomes defined.

To focus attention on alignment of body, mind, and spirit, is first and foremost. Why? Because the universe responds to energy or vibrations. Our self care rituals nurture the positive energy frequency of who we really are.

Are you emotionally ready for the next manifestation of desire?

The whole world becomes your oyster. Let's create the perfect oyster bed to grow pearls of our dreams. It is a continual process and we need to appreciate and be happy with our journey.


“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla