A Focus Wheel is an exercise that appeals to the intellect.


What is a Vortex?

“The vortex is where all cooperative components are being summoned…the vortex is where you rendezvous with all cooperative components.” Abraham



If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

~ Nikola Tesla


Yoga is a process of replacing old patterns with new more appropriate patterns.

~Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Focus Wheel Process

The focus wheel process is a perfect tool to can help you immediately shift your point of attraction.

The Focus Wheel Process is an exercise that can immediately shift the emotional body from a low frequency into a high one.

A Focus Wheel is:

  • An exercise that appeals to the intellect.
  • To use pen and paper to create vibrational change.
  • To feel the power of the written word to change your mood.

When utilizing the Focus wheel technique you are building momentum from a general statement, to a more specific statement. It's easy to get there when you start with a simple, or basic thought on your topic. A thought that feels "slightly" better than the "issue" on the outside of the wheel.

The example that I have used to get on the wheel is that I knew parenting would be hard, of course. I knew parenting would be hard.



    Step One

    Find the statement that is creating the frustration, the doubt or the worry

    put that statement on the outside of the circle.

    Tah’s example of an outside of the wheel statement:

    "The morning was very frustrating. I'm frustrated with my son. He never listens."

    Step 2

    Decide what is the opposite of that? Because when we know what we don't want, we know what we do want.

    Tah’s example of an inside of the wheel statement:

    I love being a calm and relaxed parent.


    Parenting is a joy.

    Step 3

    Start at the upper right side of the circle, write your first statement. A statement that will get you on the wheel. Usually this is the tricky part. The thought needs to be authentic. Remember you are not taking large thought leaps to “parenting is a joy”. But baby steps to emotionally shift yourself to a better feeling place.

    Therefore the first sentence must be a very general one. How did Tah go general with her center statement Parenting is a joy? By stating something that she knows to be true for her regarding parenting.

    Here is Tah’s example:

    “I knew parenting would be hard.”

    This statement resonates as true for her. She knows this by the way it makes her feel.

    Focus Wheel Template

    Focus Wheel Template

    More from Tah's Parenting Is A Joy Focus Wheel

    I love being a calm, clear, relaxed parent.

    • I knew parenting would be hard,
    • Most of the time, it's fun. 
    • the morning passes quickly.
    • Good to drop them off at school.
    • I can't wait to pick him up and start over
    • It's awesome for me to see the progression of his independence.
    • I give myself permission to feel frustrated with a son who doesn't listen.
    • It's valuable for him to witness authentic emotion.
    • The more distance I have, the easier it is.
    • Giving myself breaks is key.
    • Loving my time parenting this awesome, rambunctious son.

    Through all of my statements, I was able to come to my last statement on the wheel, which is, I love parenting this awesome, rambunctious, crazy son of mine. I honor his personality, and his strengths. I came to that joyful place from the center of the wheel. 

    This process is profound and powerful! It will shift energy easily and quickly! Give it a try. Watch for the hot trigger spots in the day that spit you out of the Vortex (that's to say if you have been hanging out in it). Then use that subject as your next Focus Wheel. Highly effective tool to raise vibration. Find the Focus Wheel Template below.


    Focus Wheel Example 2

    Lack Of Money.

    Center of the wheel “I love the feeling of financial wellbeing.”

    Below are examples of very general statements that can get you on this Focus Wheel.

    • I do know I can tell by the way I feel how I am doing. 
    • I do know that the subject of money is one I have negatively practiced.
    • I do know I can shift my feelings about money.
    • I am expecting good results.
    • I can reach for the feeling of relief.
    • I love feeling calm about money.

    These statements are clearly very general and only meant to get on the wheel.


    Watch the full coaching session in video clip below.

    Example of Abraham-Hicks coaching someone through the Focus wheel Process.

    "If this statement is true and matches what’s in the center of the wheel and it makes you feel better, even slightly, write it down on the first position of the wheel. If the statement doesn’t make you feel good, keep looking. Don’t try to make a big jump too soon. For example, don’t write “I am ready to have an amazing relationship!” because vibrationally speaking – you’re not. You have to work your way up to that point and that’s what the Focus Wheel helps you do. Start small.

    Finding the first statement is usually the hardest part. It might even seem trivial and make you feel only slightly better. But here’s what’s going to happen: the Law of Attraction will start delivering more thoughts or statements with similar or a higher vibration."

    "Focus Wheel, a process that has been designed specifically to help you release resistance and focus you into your Vortex. And, in fact, the process itself mimics a swirling, attracting Vortex, which gathers momentum as it swirls."
    The Vortex by Ester and Jerry Hicks... teachings of Abraham

    Often, the best ideas come towards the end of The Focus Wheel process. Stick with it! Being consistent will bring you the “Aha!” moment. 


    A Focus Wheel is...

    To use pen and paper to create vibrational change.

    To feel the power of the written word change your mood.


    But here’s what’s going to happen: the Law of Attraction will start delivering more thoughts or statements with similar or a higher vibration.