Hand Mudras


Hakini Mudra

This is Hakini Mudra

Hakini mudra is one of the mudras that comes organically or naturally in daily life, as familiar body language.

Notice when we use this technique to connect to the mind. It is helpful when we need to recall something or in thinking deeply.

It seems effortless to utilize sensation within each finger tip as a specific focal point. Use this mudra for clarity and focus in your seated meditation practice.


Derived from Sanskrit, hakini means "power" or "rule," and mudra means "seal," "gesture" or "mark." Hakini mudra refers to the power of the mind. It is also called the mudra for the mind.

  • Place your hands in front of you palms facing each other carrying the fingertips of both hands towards each other so the fingertips touch
  • create space by rounding the fingers and palm as if you were holding a ball
  • move your gaze upwards toward your third eye
  • rest your tongue lightly behind the upper teeth as you inhale
  • relax the tongue as you exhale
  • pulse the hands toward each other to touch and release fingertips, not to fast but in a steady rhythm.