We all have the same access to universal energy.  Are you letting it in?

Being "plugged in" is easy. By slowing down and practice mindful living, we become present to what is. When we are present to the NOW moment, energy shifts happen. One of the quickest ways to connect to this positive energy flow is through the practice of healing touch.

Before I talk about Healing Touch, it's important to understand how energy and vibration work.

Life force energy surrounds all of us. To simplify our thinking of frequency and vibration, good vibes attract  good vibes, and so called "bad vibes" with bad vibes.


How do we feel "good" more of the time?

How do we get a handle on an uncontrollable  mind and emotional system?

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are electrical frequencies that significantly affect our reality.

For most of us it seems like our mind and emotions are constantly struggling with each other.

First, we must want to feel better. This takes a conscious effort. To discern how we feel is key. We develop awareness by paying attention to our thoughts.

Are my thoughts right now connecting me to the highest version of myself?

The question is, "Am I letting in universal energy?".

I am supposed to clear my mind to allow healing? This seems like a daunting task. YES, it really is that simple. Human touch can be of tremendous value. Setting time aside for hands on healing is soothing to the mind AND emotional body. Human touch has the potential to calm the heart rate, encourage hormonal balance, and soothe  the nervous systems.

Sensation is how the body experiences itself by bringing conscious awareness to our mind, body, and spirit.

Sensation is how the body experiences itself by bringing conscious awareness to our mind, body, and spirit.


Scientific research shows how we feel has significant impact on physical health. When we feel well emotionally, our bodies will be in sync with that wellness.  

I incorporate a healing touch curriculum in our yoga training (the Thai Yoga Therapy module) as part of a successful path toward clarity and alignment. As the students learn to focus energy intentionally, by giving and receiving hands on bodywork, they experience immediate results of energetic feedback. This feedback becomes the next milestone for self discovery.

Self empowerment is to viscerally experience these energetic shifts first hand. Putting the powerful saying "to heal thy self" to actual use.

In order to connect to powerful healing energy, I imagine the top of my head open to allow the highest possible stream of pure positive energy to come through me. The opening of this space not only assists me in my work as a yoga teacher but also as a mother, friend and wife.

Hands on the body in the form of massage, is an easy and powerful tool to release stress. Part of "Breath to Success" membership success path is to share these techniques weekly. There are an abundant of alternative medicine tools to explore, Reiki, Thai Yoga, Chakra clearing, EFT tapping, the list goes on. You can read more on the first step (SelfCare) here.

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