Magnificent Manifesto

A manifesto is a written declaration of what you believe or what you intend to do.


How write a more "general" journal entry

Instead of trying to figure out the details of how what you want will come or even when it will come, go to your feelings. Ask yourself what emotions will come of having what you want manifest as "real" for you.

Why do you want it? Is always a good place to start.

“Why” thinking is very helpful. Reminding us to go deeper. It's getting to the basic reason. I think I will feel better in the having of IT, whatever that IT is for you.

Most likely feelings of freedom, joy, ease, flow, contentment, clarity, passion, love, appreciation...

Using descriptive sentences that have these emotional words will boost your vibration.

As the feelings gets better the likelihood of actually manifesting the story does too. What we think matters and becomes the stuff that matter is made off.


How we can meditate throughout the day, and what it looks like to possibly tune in and become mindful in the daily routine.

It's so interesting because I actually thought about this when I was at Sea World with my son. He wanted to go on a ride, of course, and for some reason, it was a technical difficulties on the ride, and I was a little worried. So I needed to do some yoga for myself. It was a weekday, not a lot of people there. I was able to do some of my yoga stretches in line.

This is an example of how easy it is to incorporate your mindful practice, or your yoga practice, or your breath in day to day life.

But you have to be able to come back to it naturally and habitually. It's habit for me to want to do yoga a lot. I teach a lot. I practice a lot. Because it's something that makes me feel good.

So, throughout your day ... I mean, an example of this, this is amazing (to practice Hakini Mudra), not being unconscious about it, but having it happen naturally.

When we are having a difficult possibly stressful moment within our day to day, to remember our self care tools is incredibly valuable.

By spontaneously moving into yoga. This is your yoga. So you can be talking with somebody, breathing calmly, but it has to become habit. Something that you know makes you feel good. I use Hakini Mudra in my meditation practice, so why not use it when I'm in a conversation with somebody, or I'm needing to focus my mind. It's a great tool to utilize in the day.

What else? Anjali Mudra (hands in Prayer), just coming together and noticing your hands. Using that as a power point or a centering mechanism to connect to your energy, to your vitality, to your well being.

But if it doesn't occur to you, then how do you do it?

The only way these tools can occur to you is if you start practicing them. If you start utilizing them in your meditations, in your daily life.

So that is an excellent question, how can we incorporate some of these healing modalities more into our daily routine? And it actually is quite easy. Really easy.

Sometimes the spontaneous idea will just come, and you'll go, "Oh," and you honor that.

For me, that day where I was standing in line waiting for technical difficulties on a roller coaster, I used my arms ... I was standing of course, so Samasthiti (Equal Standing)  is great, mountain pose.

Then moving into arm stretches.Imagine you're in line, and you're waiting, and you can utilize your breath. So doing your yoga throughout your day, wherever you are, it's easy peasy.


"Full Moon Rituals"

"New Moon Rituals"

A Magnificent Manifesto is all about writing a future life story. To bring to focus, first through thought, then through the written word, the dreams and desires that you want to manifest in your life.

The power of thought...

When we think of something it will have significant value. The longer that we focus on a thought the more powerful it becomes. As the momentum builds with your thinking mind it will automatically bring in an emotional response.

Your emotions are what you want to focus on, the way you feel has everything to do with what manifests. Our feelings are vibrational energy, a frequency that is a match to what is.

The trick to writing the Manifesto is to be easy and soft, get in the flow, get into the feeling of your future story, by gradually building up to what you want to unfold for yourself.

There is no better way to raise your frequency than the written word. The important piece to creating your Manifesto is that what you are writing resonates in actual feelings.

How will it feel when your story unfolds as you wish? It's authentically catapulting yourself with words into your ideal vision of your future.

You are empowering your desires with visualization. When journalling, you are creating the perfect environment where your emotional body can respond. The body responds just as if it were happening now, your energy shifts, your beliefs shift. And then all things become possible.


  • Expansive ideas
  • Inspired action
  • co-creation with others
  • Synchronicity in life

Journaling is potent, and when we do it with powerful focus and intention, it has magical powers.

Steps to create your Magnificent (Magical) Manifesto...

There are five areas to write about.

These are the different parts of your life that you'll most likely want to manifest progressive change in:

  • Love relationships
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Sacred space, our environment, our home
  • Community, family, friends, social aspects
  • Money, abundance, business, financial security, work

The Prompts for each area are...

I can't believe that it's already (plug date 90 days in the future) and this has happened ....

  1. In my body...
  2. With my love...
  3. In my sacred space...
  4. With my community...
  5. In my work...

Do this journalling exercise for each of the 5 segments of your life. Begin with your deepest desire. Dream big. Speak as if it already has come to pass.

End each segment with, "May this or better be. So it is!"

MM is an amazing tool for expansion on all levels body, mind and spirit. Doing this process regularly will train the mind and emotions, setting the belief bar higher. The ultimate ambition, to foster courage and to dream big.


To co-create is Grace (Prasāda) connection to Divine Energy.

The Source of which can flow easily when we attune our frequency toward transmission (sameaāra) of sacred wisdom.