I created Breath to Success for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers looking to deepen their connection to Self. To be able to connect to your highest self, in tangible ways brings the Body, Mind, and Spirit into alignment and wholeness. All of this was available, but as very separate offerings. What I and my students have wanted was a way to tie them together for a cohesive experience and and a more wholistic result. I began to develop a series of lessons, tools, and tasks aligned with the goal of making the seeking clearer, and the result became...

Breath to Success:

*a multidimensional resource full of practical, time-tested modalities, tools, and techniques that allow you to perform at your highest frequency, with support of me, Tah Groen, as your guide, as well as mentoring relationships that speak directly to you, and a supportive community of likeminded seekers* You, on your journey, deserve a deeper exploration, and a supportive learning community.




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“Tah and Arati are truly wise women [who] beautifully embody authenticity and guided me down my authentic path. I initially start this training with the only outcome of receiving a certificate to teach…I received an abundant amount more. Throughout my Training I continuously lost sight of the ending certificate because I was so immersed in the wise content and beautiful people I was surrounded by. Whether you want to become a teacher, deepen your own practice, deepen your perspective on life, or have no idea what you want; I can wholeheartedly recommend joining Breath to Success.” Grace B


“I think I would be kind of lost still. I think I would have so many questions and I don’t think yoga would mean to me what it means to me now. I think I would still just be practicing. I would not focus on my breath. I would not know where to start meditation. Maybe I wouldn’t be at peace with myself. I feel like I did change.”  Lesley F


“I started [practicing] yoga in 2011 but never managed to have a regular practice. I completed my yoga teacher training in 2016 with Tah Groen. Since, I have been quite regularly practicing each morning...The benefits [of Tah’s training] have truly been countless, but to name a few: a stronger practice on and off the mat and a foundation set of skills to teach yoga. I was immensely thrilled to learn that Tah was setting up a membership site. After the training, I kept asking her advice on how to create my yoga sequences and how to make it flow and she has been very supportive in her mentoring. I have always been impressed with her deep knowledge of yoga. Her teaching methods are very motivating and I am very fortunate to have such leadership.” Anoushka G

It’s time to deepen your journey and to rise to meet your higher Self. You are here to be amongst the first, and founding, wave of seekers to enter Breath for Success. As you are guided on your journey and we build our community together, you, as a Founding Member are also an honoured teacher, helping to form and transform the offerings inside the Breath to Success as well as yourselves. We are in this journey together. If you’re ready to… Focus and commit to do the work. Carve out time for self care. Expand your knowledge, coming with a beginner’s mind, to explore, grow, and evolve. The Breath to Success membership is the right space for you. We are meant to live in freedom, growth, and joy and we can’t wait to share in your journey with you, Tah


Inside the Breath for Success membership, you’ll receive all of this and more.

What’s inside Breath to Success?

The Sacred Journey contains carefully crafted library of the routines, techniques, tools, and practices organized into step-by-step guides designed to empower you to live your better life perform better in your career.

Breath to Success is for all of us with a Beginner’s Mind: Designed to support both yoga teachers and students, Breath to Success is your sacred resource. It is your safe space in which to deepen and expand all facets of your yoga practice Body, Mind, and Spirit. We meet you where you are and propel you to rise into your best life with fewer bumps along the way. Most of the material is actually used in Tah's Yoga Teacher Training course, documents, videos, and more that you have at your disposal.


As a member of our community you will:

● Be guided along your Sacred Journey in whatever career path you have chosen

● Develop useful SelfCare and Wellness plans for yourself or your students

● Benefit from our series of unique, easy to implement Self Empowerment tools

● Discover how to tap into your Inner Guru/Wisdom Teacher

● Link into our 360 Mentorship program: mentor, and be mentored, in our active community

● Be supported with accountability and progress updates




How do I start the Sacred Journey? Self Discovery and Development must be led from within, but supported by your community. When you arrive to Breath to Success, we will set you up on your journey with a series of clear and accessible offerings to foster and protect your growth. You’ll receive:

1. Immediate access to our Welcome Series - which you can watch right away. Our 5 Core Content Videos are designed to set you up for your ongoing experience within Breath for Success, and for life outside of it. These 5 videos will clarify the Sacred Journey, and initiate your individual process:

Video One: Selfcare

Video Two: Healing Touch

Video Three: Asana


Video Four: Spirituality

Video Five: Abundant Stream

Video Six: Giving Tree


2. The Breath to Success Sacred Journey Library -With dozens of resources that will continue to expand, the Library is where you’ll find everything you’ll need, including: guided meditation MP3s, perspectives on asana sequencing, SelfCare practices, Healing Touch adjustment tutorials and more. The Library will continue to grow and evolve. As you do too, you’ll find new resources to support you, and new ways to use them.


3. Live Master Classes with Experts and Leading Teachers -Monthly Asana Master Classes will be recorded for content, and delivered with downloadable PDFs for your future practice. A Live Q&A will accompany each new release, in which you can ask questions to clarify the content, and share a live learning experience with the Breath to Success community.


4. 360* Mentorship - You’ll receive tools to increase your energy flow, promote accountability, and support your development. Likewise, you could have the opportunity to provide the same for another community member. You’ve never experienced the extent of success that mentorship can bring, until you’ve joined our circle. My own mentors and masters including Arati Lane, James Beard, and Hemalayaa will join us and share their wisdom with you.


5. Access to the Breath to Success Community - The most critical part of becoming a member: a community with whom to share it! Doing the Work can feel lonely. One of the pillars of the Breath to Success membership is the the importance of our village community. An environment in which all are encouraged to participate in the Sacred Journey, with equal loving care given to members at every stage of their own path . Together we explore, mourn, grow, and celebrate every step of your Sacred Journey using our Sacred Space Forum, and our private Facebook Group!