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If I have no experience with Yoga or Self-Care  

will this membership be over my head?

Breath to Success includes a myriad of resources that are designed to meet you where you are on your Sacred Journey.

While some of our community might be seasoned yogis or yoginis, others will be at the very beginning of their yoga and Self Care journeys. It’s that you have the insight and are open to receiving what Breath to Success offers that is most important. That alone shows that you are ready to learn, receive, and take the next logical step on your path with us.

The activities, tools, and techniques within the program are all available to you at once, and you may feel welcome to access them as they hold meaning for you. You’ll also become a part of the Private Breath to Success Facebook Community where our community will have daily access to one another, to me, and to our host of mentors as you walk along your Sacred Journey.

This group support will help keep you motivated, focused, and inspired as you take your path - and it’s a perfect spot to ask questions, share insights, and seek guidance too!


How much time will it take?

l’ve designed every element of the Breath to Success membership - and the materials within it - with your busy daily life in mind. You need only spend about 60 minutes a week absorbing these bite-sized, easy to consume lessons.

Even more important is that the material and learning environment is so engaging and powerful that you could experience real shifts as early as the first day, first week of practice or even in just 15 minutes of meditation.

We’ll teach you morning and evening rituals plus tools and techniques that can uncover within you a new vitality and zest for life in just 30-60 days!



Self-Care is not just for ourselves, though it feels as though it is! It begins with ourselves and as we recognize and honor what is needed to care for our Body, Mind and Spirit, the benefits of our care spill over, benefiting our loved ones from parents and spouses, to children and students.

True Self-Care enables us to quiet the chatter of the mind, to sink deeply into our body, and as we are able to discard layers of stress and dissonance to reveal clarity and certainty of thought and purpose, we can connect more clearly with our Spirit.   

So critical to your Sacred Journey is Self-Care that we cover it deeply in the Breath to Success Membership in three of six of our segments: Self-Care, Healing Touch, and Asana. Recognizing that we play in both the giving and receiving Self-Care is a beautiful part of living in connection with Yoga, as it bounces between yourself and those around you.



Your path is a constant evolution, passing from one stage and into the next. Falling forward, and falling back. You have two choices: to try to live your journey alone, picking up falling down, struggling to maintain progress OR to link arms with a community of fellow seekers, all engaging with the same tools and resources, sharing experiences and supporting one another in their own paths.

See, it’s a good beginning to dabble in Yoga, but for Seekers like you, and like the community of Breath to Success Members we are creating, mutual love and support are vital to raising vibration, to creating universal connection, to maintaining and living your path and purpose - and to celebrating the successes we all have along the way.

When we have peers, mentors, mentees, we have the ability to access even greater purpose.

This is included in the Breath to Success Membership because being in community is as important as oxygen itself. From our 360º Mentorship program to our two sections on Abundance and Giving, our emphasis on the true meaning of community is a pillar to your Sacred Journey.

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