Use "Copper" medicinally and spiritually.

How to use the breath to fall into a meditative state and release emotions. "1000 Breath Challenge"

Spiritual Inquiry

Seeking - the everlasting state of both being and becoming, requires of us to look both beyond and within, and ask meaningful questions - to which answers are less important than the insights gained, and the development that will nurture further growth.

It’s a fascinating, awe-inspiring, and vast undertaking. As teachers and eternal students, much preparation must go into accepting the ongoing involvement and responsibility that such inquiry has personally and as a collective.




Ancient Yoga gurus taught that only by taking care of the physical Body first, might we hope to reach Spiritual enlightenment and so the endeavor of Asana and meditation became critical steps in preparing for Spiritual Inquiry. We study and practice these traditions - in many variations - in the Breath to Success Membership, individually and in partnership.