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Grace B

“Tah and Arati are truly wise women [who] beautifully embody authenticity and guided me down my authentic path. I initially start this training with the only outcome of receiving a certificate to teach…I received an abundant amount more. Throughout my Training I continuously lost sight of the ending certificate because I was so immersed in the wise content and beautiful people I was surrounded by. Whether you want to become a teacher, deepen your own practice, deepen your perspective on life, or have no idea what you want; I can wholeheartedly recommend joining Breath to Success.”


Anoushka G

“I started [practicing] yoga in 2011 but never managed to have a regular practice. I completed my yoga teacher training in 2016 with Tah Groen. Since, I have been quite regularly practicing each morning...The benefits [of Tah’s training] have truly been countless, but to name a few: a stronger practice on and off the mat and a foundation set of skills to teach yoga. I was immensely thrilled to learn that Tah was setting up a membership site. After the training, I kept asking her advice on how to create my yoga sequences and how to make it flow and she has been very supportive in her mentoring. I have always been impressed with her deep knowledge of yoga. Her teaching methods are very motivating and I am very fortunate to have such leadership.”


Lesley F

“I think I would be kind of lost still. I think I would have so many questions and I don’t think yoga would mean to me what it means to me now. I think I would still just be practicing. I would not focus on my breath. I would not know where to start meditation. Maybe I wouldn’t be at peace with myself. I feel like I did change.” Lesley F


Charlotte H

"I can honestly say that Breath to success offers an abundance of information that can enrich any yoga teacher or practitioner’s life. I have been involved in the yoga world for a while now and have finally started a journey into my yoga education, which may or may not eventually lead to teaching yoga. Breath to Success offers topics that have absolutely blown my mind. The Law of Attraction for example, focusing on frequencies and magnetic pulls and how this affects our relationships and life. Emotional Freedom Technique, which serves as a method to relieve stress by tapping specific areas of the body. All of these excerpts are profound and very effective, especially for yoga teachers, people who do body work, etc. it can be overwhelming how much information is out there and you don’t always know who it is coming from, so having Tah be so present in this membership and available for live chats / questions is an amazing bonus. You get to share the experience together and see just how authentic each post is. All of these explored areas can be useful to anyone, not just yoga teachers, they are aspects of life which can help us understand our minds and bodies a little better. I am so grateful to be apart of this experience and am excited to see where it takes me."


Gabriella Lindsay

“I'm always searching for something, but I never know what I'm searching for. This program has solved this urge for me by giving me all that my soul calls for. Breath To Success gives you the tools & education you need to live your holistic-bound life with utmost reception to what the universe has to give you. Tah gives her whole heart into making sure the members are getting what they need from it. Breath To Success is a personal guru at your fingertips!”


Case Studies

Cristina B - Business Owner - Sacred Balance Integrative Healing

Julia (Jools) - Soon to be Acupuncturist, Firedancer

Chloe B - Real-estate Entrepreneur

Kai P - Yoga Teacher

Riana S - Student