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Sun Yantra


Sun Yantra Explained By Sarah Tomlinson

yantra painting

Yantras are ancient geometric symbols they come from the same land that yoga comes from, from India, northern India specifically.


Yantras are collections of colors and symbols, they are the visual manifestation of a Mantra. Mantras represent the audible sound of the universe, an audible manifest of the gods and the goddesses and the planets.

First there was sound. And then there was form. The first form that we know of is a Yantra, sacred geometric shape.

So I'm going to show you the one for the sun, to begin with, because this is a symbol that aligns with the mantra you've been working with, Gayatri. This is a painting that I did, based on this ancient formula known as the Yantra.

There are 12 outer petals. They represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the the 12 solar rays. The inner petals are the eight elements of Earth, water, fire, air, ether, and the three states of our being, right, physical, subtle, and beyond.

The star is where we all come together. The downward pointing star in the Yantra means the feminine energy. And the upward pointing star in the Yantra is the masculine energy. So we all have both of those. To stay balanced, it's good if we can find some centering, balancing our outgoing or ingoing energy, feminine and masculine energy.




The dot in the center is known as the Bindu.



When we work with a Yantra, we start at the outside, and we slowly color our way in until we reach the center, the Bindu. And it's said that the deity, the essence of the Mantra actually resides in the Bindu of your Yantra.

This is a form of meditation, it's an active form of meditation and propitiation, a kind of worship.

When you found the Bindu, this is the central dot, this is where you're going to be focusing when you chant your Gayatri Mantra.

As you chant this sacred Mantra start to zoom your awareness to the central dot of the Yantra. The act of uniting sound (Mantra) with a visual representation (Yantra)will feel quite magical as you are syncing up the left and right hemispheres of your brain.


Sun Yantra print Instructions


We are looking at the Sun Yantra and we were thinking it would be a nice idea for you to start doing the coloring practice at home.

First print the yantra out by following this link to download.

Once you have the colorless Yantra print start coloring the shapes from the outside spiraling inward.

Start the yantra with a solid gold outline moving clockwise. Once the entire outline is gold move on to the next shape and color.

The basic colors for this Sun Yantra are seen in the above image. They are the colors that have resonance with the sun, and they vibrate with the energy of the ruby. The colors are hues of red, orange and gold.

...and you're going to continue coloring moving in a clockwise spiral your way to the Bindu. The Bindu is the central dot.

To use your Yantra coloring as a process of meditation, is wonderfully centering and calming.

Each breath is really an opportunity to recite your mantra, to bring focus and awareness to the process.

There's no rush.

You could spend a few minutes each day doing some of your yantra.